Are you planning a holiday in Hervey Bay? If you are, good for you! Home to many natural wonders, Hervey Bay is certainly a delight to the senses and is guaranteed to give you a wonderful holiday. While you’re here, be sure to check out the many wonderful Hervey Bay cafes that dot the landscape. Here are some of the best cafes in town guaranteed to give you amazing dining experiences you won’t forget.

Bayorama Cafe

Located in Torquay, Bayorama Cafe is a great place to grab lunch, breakfast, or brunch. Serving traditional breakfast and lunch favourites, Bayorama Cafe is widely known for its delicious food, as well as its friendly and efficient staff. While the coffee is great, you may also want to try their fresh juices.

Dan & Steph’s

Serving Australian, vegetarian, and vegan options, Dan & Steph’s is another must-try when you’re in Hervey Bay. The food is delicious and freshly cooked, plus the portions are quite generous. Whether you’re looking for a cool glass of fresh fruit juice or a hot cup of coffee in Hervey Bay, Dan & Steph’s is always a must-visit. Be sure to try their home-made granola bar and brownies, too!

Vinvero’s Cafe

If you’re looking for something different from the usual pancakes or bacon and eggs, you should check out Vinvero’s Cafe at the Charlton Esplanade in Scarness. Apart from Australian and cafe dishes, this place also serves Asian favourites such as nasi goreng, satay, and beef rendang. If you’re craving some Asian food for breakfast or lunch, then be sure to pay Vinvero’s Cafe a visit.

Enzo’s at the Beach

Enzo’s at the Beach is known for its good food, freshly made coffee and great ambience. Located in Scarness, this trendy beachside cafe has recently undergone a major renovation. While the cafe’s look may have changed, the quality of its food and service certainly remains the same, which is why both new and old customers keep coming back for more. If you’re going to visit Enzo’s on the weekends, be sure to make a reservation as the place can fill up very quickly.

Arkarra Tea Gardens Cafe

Located along Panorama Drive in Dundowran, Arkarra Tea Gardens Cafe offers some of the best home-made cakes in the city. Featuring an outdoor setting, the place has a peaceful vibe to it that will certainly whet your appetite. Apart from their homemade cakes and scones, you should check out their Spanish BBQ, too.

If you are deciding where to eat in Hervey Bay, these cafes are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to explore the city some more. Who knows, you might discover a cafe that will become your new favourite! And if you’re looking for a clean, comfortable and affordable Hervey Bay Caravan Park, check out our accommodation options.