With its mild, subtropical climate, Hervey Bay is a popular playground for tourists all year round. Average temperatures go from a minimum of 16.6 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 26.2 degrees Celsius. This means that you can get away wearing just a T-shirt and a pair of shorts throughout the year since temperature extremes are seldom reached, unlike in other parts of the country.


The summer weather in Hervey Bay can be very warm, with temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees Celsius at times. However, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants in the area that have air conditioning. Also, take note that summer is also the wettest season. Fortunately, rainfall occurs mostly in the late afternoons or early evenings so if you’re going to visit the area in this time of the year you should schedule your activities accordingly. The southeast trade winds blow periodically along the coast during summer providing a welcome cool breeze.


Autumn is Hervey Bay is similar to summer, but temperatures are milder and the skies are clearer. It also provides the best balance between warm days and the lack of rainfall. Because of the great weather, autumn is the best to time to go to the beach or go on an adventure tour.


Winter is the driest season in Hervey Bay, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors on most days. However, temperatures tend to fall to average minimum lows during night time, so it’s a good idea to pack warmer clothing if you’re going to visit Hervey Bay at this time of the year.


Spring tends to mirror the autumn climate. Humidity is low, there’s little rainfall, and the temperature is warm, but not unreasonably so. The average temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius, which makes spending a day at the beach an excellent idea.

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